This record of my naval experiences before and during WW II is dedicated to my daughter Linda Kay, without whose encouragement it would never have been written, to my son Richard Michael, whose growing up promised a future that I intended to be a part of, and to my dear wife Betty Jane, whose total and ever present dedication and support during the war years often resulted in greater heartache to her than was visited on myself. The events and occurrences described are retold as accurately and as honestly as my memory can recall. Various published articles, Naval History books, my Naval flight log, my diary, and numerous old photographs were used to refresh my memory of these now ancient happenings. Looking back over the years causes me to appreciate that the very presence of our family of Dick and Marilyn, Greg and Linda, and our six wonderful grandchildren have long ago erased the trauma of the war years.
Paul A. McKinley, 1995

Postscript: Many people continue to cherish memories of the USS San Francisco, and her amazing war record. Truly this was a great ship with a great crew. We sadly report the passing of our great patriarch, loving father and good friend Paul McKinley in October 1996. He was Navy through and through.

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